ACC’s Organised Crime in Australia 2011

The Australian Crime Commission’s Organised Crime in Australia 2011 report reluctantly acknowledges that organised crime is sophisticated, resilient, highly diversified and pervasive. Current patterns of organised crime are more complex now than at any point in history. Organised crime groups are entrepreneurial and unrestrained by legislation, borders, morality or technology. They are adaptable, innovative and fluid, infiltrating a wide range of industries and markets, well beyond areas generally considered vulnerable. Most organised criminal activities in Australia are focused on illicit drug markets, although organised crime groups also engage in a wide variety of associated criminal activity including tax evasion, money laundering, fraud, identity crime and high-tech crime. The impact of organised crime in Australia is serious and far exceeds the direct harm caused by the specific offences. Increased violence by organised crime groups in some jurisdictions during 2009 appears to have reverted to more historical (lower) levels. This is probably a result of law enforcement investigations into groups that were prominent in a number of the violent incidents and an effort by some groups to limit the public attention being drawn to their activities.

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