ABC admits it got it wrong on Adler story

The ABC has been forced to issue not one, not two, but three corrections regarding its coverage of the Adler shotgun and the real state of firearm laws across its radio and television stations to date. The public broadcaster first came under fire when a presenter on ABC News 24 suggested it was easy to legally buy guns online in Australia, with the ABC then having to issue a clarification making it clear that firearms must be purchased from licensed firearms dealers who have reporting obligations to police.

The farce continued when ABC’s 7pm News embarrassingly showed footage of a pump-action shotgun being fired in a story that was meant to be about the Adler lever-action shotgun. This footage has since been removed and retracted.

Finally, discussions on 774 ABC Melbourne surrounding the temporary ban of the importation of the Adler have been found to be in breach of the ABC’s editorial standards for accuracy.

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