October 2023 - Australian Shooter

The ever-growing popularity of long-range shooting disciplines has brought with it a greater array and availability of rifle optics and we’ve laid our hands on a superb top-end example in the Zeiss LRP S5, with reviewer Daniel O’Dea reporting “This would be an ideal choice for those in the target market if the budget extends.”

How light can a hunting rifle realistically be Well, John Rutkay has taken a deep dive into that very subject and researched it from top to bottom. Next month he’ll outline what he found, highlighting the pros and cons and reveal which rifle best suited the criteria and how it performed in the field.

To anyone who reloads their own ammunition, a chronograph is an essential piece of kit for precise load development and one of the latest options to hit the market is the Bulletseekeer Mach4. Senior correspondent Rod Pascoe has put it to the test and reckons “The ability to document numerous details provides a complete picture of your day’s testing.”

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