November 2021 - Australian Shooter

November arrives with the promise of summer just around the corner . . . and we can promise a smorgasbord of goodies in our latest edition. We start with a question: Just how much scope does a shooter need? Well, Samuel B. Mann has addressed that very proposition and you might be surprised at the outcome. For the hunters challenged by hitting a moving target, Chas Harding has built an intriguing contraption which allows you to practice that very skill. Among the firearms under review this month are the Howa M1100 and Chiappa 1886 TD Wildlands rifles along with the Remington V3 Field Sport 12-gauge shotgun and, with Christmas on the horizon, you may want to consider gifting the latest book from our popular columnist John Dunn with The Jumbunna Collection Volume Two available to order now and our review will confirm what we’ve known all along – John’s tales from the bush never fail to satisfy and entertain.

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