May 2024 - Australian Shooter

The cover story this month wraps up our Beretta BRX-1 Minecrafter custom build, which sees Mark van den Boogaart account for a ‘Black hog down’ as he takes the rifle afield and discovers its light weight, fast-cycling and quick handling make it the ideal companion for feral pest control. And swapping one barrel for two, Paul Miller was absolutely delighted with the latest side-by-side shotgun from Webley & Scott, the impressive 12-gauge Kilworth, which he says “felt alive in the hands yet perfectly controllable”. Returning to rifles, Con Kapralos went walkabout with the Remington 783 Synthetic Combo which he says is “an excellent rifle with a host of features unique to the model”. For something a bit different this month, Daniel O’Dea concludes his look at US SHOT Show 2024 and turns the spotlight on some uniquely American offerings. some of which will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Other items under review this time include Leica Geovid rangefinder binoculars, a ZeroTech red dot sight and the latest Springbok bipod from Spartan.