March 2019 - Australian Shooter

Autumn is here and with it comes an action-packed edition of Australian Shooter. Sam Garro takes an in-depth look at what the novice needs to know to go hunting and, in similar vein, John McDougall gives us an insight into duck shooting season. Thomas Tabor was among the 64,000 industry insiders who flocked to the US SHOT Show in Las Vegas and, talking of crowds, more than 10,000 scouts from around the world took part in the 2019 Australian Scout Jamboree in South Australia and our Communications Officer Sam Talbot was there to help introduce them to the joys of the shooting sports. Firearms under review this month are the Savage A22R repeating rifle, Fabarm’s .410 over-and-under shotgun and the M1500 KRG long-range rifle from Bravo, while we also turn the spotlight on GPO’s new Evolve line of binoculars, the Larson Atkins X-51 range camera and the 4x30i HD Prismatic scope from MAKstorm. With all our regular columns and a bumper four-page letters section, our March edition will keep you busy while the leaves turn to gold.

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