March 2015 - Australian Shooter

Media Officer Kate Fantinel reports on Channel 10 program The Project’s biased reporting on firearm statistics and the Senate Inquiry into gun-related violence, and we reveal the increasingly animal liberationist ideologies of the RSPCA. Bryon Pace reviews the Rigby Big Game Double Square Bridge .416 Rigby rifle, Hugh Nicholas tests the FX Bobcat .30-calibre PCP air rifle and Jeremiah examines the Uberti 1873 Competition Rifle in .357 Magnum. Assistant Editor Dave Rose speaks with target shooter optometrist Neil Murray, Steve Hurt considers the factors and personal commitment required for long-range hunting, and Dylan Smith has some big fun hunting small game. We also bring you the action from the inaugural SSAA SHOT Expo in Perth, and offer social media tips for shooters and hunters wishing to post about their chosen recreations.