July 2023 - Australian Shooter

For all its modern features and challenge to traditional design, the Sako S20 rifle upholds that company’s well-deserved legacy of building some of the best practical rifles on the market and if long range is your thing, be that hunting, precision shooting or both, the S20 is well worth a look. There are also several factory accessories available including a dedicated scope mount, larger capability magazines, muzzle brakes and extra length of pull spacers.Defence company Thales, which manufactures the Steyr rifle and Minimi light machinegun for the Australian Defence Force, has developed a pair of rifles for when Australia follows the US and adopts the new 6.8 calibre cartridge and John Maxwell has been given access to the all details.The Stellar SQ50 thermal scope by Hikmicro, from its traditional-looking styling to technical features, provides the user with loads of functionality in an easy-to-use package, the peace of mind warranty extending 10 years for the sensor, three years for the body and 12 months for the battery.

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