July 2015 - Australian Shooter

Editor Kaye Jenkins reports on all the action from the Melbourne SSAA SHOT Expo, and the South Australian Flinders Ranges gets a special delivery of 37 western quolls as part of an ongoing conservation project in the region. Con Kapralos tests the Tikka T3 CTR rifle and John Pond reviews the Feinwerkbau Sport air rifle. We also look at the Foxpro Wildlife II game caller, Wolf-Eyes Lunar Professional Headlamp, Max-Hunter clay target shooting vest and Steiner Nighthunter 8×30 LRF binoculars. John Hill investigates the theory and practice of minute-of-angle shooting accuracy, and senior correspondent John Dunn reflects on custom knifemaker Robert Dewey’s retirement. John McDougall visits the Victoria Range Game Preserve for a challenging but rewarding day out for pheasants, and Craig Jensen reunites with a mate over a pig hunting trip.