Issue 30 – April 2024 - The Australian Junior Shooter

We know shooting’s a sport for all ages and abilities and one where lifelong friendships are forged. But in many instances it’s also a family affair and that’s underlined in this issue’s cover story which profiles young Sarah Shelley, a third-generation shooter following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. Sarah’s introduction to the sport was initially a low-key affair which began one Saturday afternoon with a visit to the local SSAA range with her dad. It didn’t take long for the shooting bug to bite her and she soon became a regular visitor and subsequently a junior member of the SSAA. South Australia was host state for the 2023 Single Action National Championships towards the end of last year and Peg Hobson was there to document the progress of a handful of youngsters who look destined for good things ahead. It’s a challenging and multi-faceted discipline which requires skill and concentration in equal measure and this young quintet really got into the spirit of things and acquitted themselves admirably. And if it’s hunting you’re interested in then have a look at Leon Wright’s article where he tutors his grandson on the art of deer hunting. Leon’s a seasoned campaigner when it comes to stalking those often-elusive targets and his hard-won knowledge was vital when it came to 14-year-old Justin learning the ropes during a sambar culling session for a farmer friend.