Issue 29 – October 2023 - The Australian Junior Shooter

In Issue 29 our cover story ‘Call of the wild’ sees Chris Redlich document his son’s successful red deer hunt after a disappointing knock on the footy field saw him out of the U16s Grand Final after just 45 seconds and requiring surgery and a four-month recovery. Thomas Tabor turns his attention to a firearm which will prove ideal for youngsters starting out in our great sport – the Ruger American 8331 chambered in .22LR. Benchrest shooting at the highest level is one of the toughest skills to master, yet at just 17 years of age, Josh Russell from Queensland is well on his way to joining Australia’s elite. Experienced shooter Gemma Dunn outlines what’s what at the range and how newcomers can prepare for their first visit, as for some it can be a bit daunting. Chasing deer is quite the challenge, but 14-year-old Ryder Creeke has set himself a high bar for the rest of his hunting career after successfully taking an impressive fallow stag during the rut.