February 2024 - Australian Shooter

As our membership continues to grow and more and more people head for the country, we’re asked on a regular basis for recommendations on binoculars for hunting and outdoor use in general. So for our cover story this month, Nick Rositano has done just that and ventured on a deer hunt equipped with the latest offering from Aussie firm ZeroTech in their flagship Trace 15×56 ED binos which won’t break the bank yet did everything our reviewer asked of them. Elsewhere this month, Daniel O’Dea has received the all-improved Taipan X rifle from Southern Cross Small Arms, an upgraded version of their Taipan Light which is now no longer just a pump-action but a straight-pull too. And sticking with firearms, John McDougall has been out and about with a nifty little shotgun from Turkish player Yildiz in their Elegant 20-gauge with its stylish lines, walnut stock and single-trigger ejector mechanical action, while for handgun enthusiasts Dick Eussen hails the Israeli-made Desert Eagle 1911 in 9mm Luger. We also run the numbers on scopes, swags, night-vision optics and personal locator beacons and, with all our regular columns and features, we’re off to a flying start in 2024!