Edition 88 - Australian Hunter

Action in the field sees thrilling environmental achievements in South Africa with big cats and more to feisty feral cats in the Aussie Outback. Along with the deer, pigs, buffaloes, foxes, rabbits and fish we’ve got more hunting than you can shake a shooting stick at. See the ultimate way a family ushered in 2024 along with some firsts for one of the newest little members of our hunting fraternity and a thrilling 24hrs where we turn a deer into a pack and cart it out Kiwi-style. A great mix of reviews include the composite Burris Eliminator 5 riflescope and Mauser M98 rifle. With ammunition, we target calibre case conversion, testing loads, the world of wildcats and a simple trick for keeping track of ammo. In a feature article we pair nutritious and tasty game meat with the perfect wine, providing a fantastic opportunity to showcase hunting among family and friends. Tastebuds will be tingling as we also offer a couple of easy-to-make venison dishes and a wholesome buffalo meat pie. Furthermore, discover why making some minor modifications to your rifle barrels can make a big difference, witness the resurrection of a small-town gunshop and create your own unique wall hangings and pieces of art from animal skulls – see our demonstration on SSAA TV.

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