Edition 87 - Australian Hunter

When things are winding down for the year, one thing to look forward to is Xmas. In what will surely see hunting further encouraged, we cure and smoke a leg of venison that will have the whole family chirping “that’s all folks” for Porky Pig from now on… Xmas in July (too) anyone? Furthermore, we’ve stacked more stories inside this edition than Santa has toys in his sack. Brimming with rifles, ammo, knives and other reviews, further recipes, game genetics, field tips and hunting stories on pigs, buffs, ducks, fish, deer and dogs, there’s certainly something for everyone. The global history of hog hunting is a fascinating read and our comprehensive guide on how to tan a hide should result in some new floor coverings. Don’t miss our wild dog hunts across two hemispheres or rifle appraisals on a rare Rigby .308 that’s over 100 years old but still in use for hunting and a Heym 89B double that sets itself apart from the rest for big game. Gain every advantage in the bush by checking out the SSAA TV video that bolsters our field signaling guide inside this edition. Together, they will surely help you form the basis for silent communication within your hunting party – the animals won’t know what hit them!

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