Edition 86 - Australian Hunter

We take the harvesting of hard-earned game to a new level with a handy how-to, the right tools for the job and two tantalising venison recipes that offer a fresh perspective to it all. Make the most of things with our American-style ribs and the hunters’ version of an Aussie pub favourite involving juicy yabbies. To complete our guide on hunting reds, we look at their three main survival senses that give them an edge versus hunters, and on top of further deer hunting adventures, we nail pigs and a buff, prepare you to take out summertime foxes and dispel the misinformation that’s spread about duck hunting putting species numbers at risk. We hunt with a duo of rifles from different periods in the Bergara BMR .17 and Sportco Model 62A .22LR. We also wax lyrical about that all-rounder rifle/cartridge to cover the full hunting repertoire and along with ammo, knives and boots for a hunt, we provide a comprehensive rundown on an attainable thermal sight that’s complemented by a SSAA TV video. We also cover how to approach landowners to hunt on their property, cartridge case tools, being mindful of snakes when hunting, annealing for accuracy, guns of the bushranger era and when to refurbish your rifle… and when not to!

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