Edition 72 - Australian Hunter

Sam Garro shares a Top End trophy tale, Anthony Puddicombe enjoys hunting the Snowy Mountains, Don Caswell calls up elusive wild dogs, Rod Williams flies into wintery Alaska in search of brown bears, Chris Wardrop takes aim at feral goats, Chris Redlich targets on stags and Michel Durand uses an aerial drone for pigs. We look through the eyes of the cunning red fox, profile wildcat cartridges, sight-in prior to a hunt, highlight the .277 bore, investigate shotgun shells, find the right rifle/shotgun combination with the Savage Model 24 and say ‘hola’ to the competitive Bergara B14 Hunter rifle. Further reviews include the RotaBBQ, MyOutdoor TV, Primos headlamp, Burris Oracle bowhunting sight and stylish products from Bush Edge, Braken Wear and Ridgeline’s W2020 range. The versatile Leatherman Charge multi-tool is opened up, we convert a drop point knife to a clip point and look at overall knife quality. We also go culinary to turn ‘tough old venison’ into some good eating, smoke a leg of goat, cryovac with the Polyscience 300 machine and explore tantalising duck options with acclaimed author and food aficionado PJ Booth.

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