Edition 68 - Australian Hunter

Peter d’Plesse continues to battle boars, Mick Chapman hunts NT buffaloes, Don Caswell helps a farmer out with wild dogs, David Duffy varmints in Australia before heading off to Mexico for whitetail deer, Leon Wright pursues rabbits his way and Chris Redlich and son fight ferals together. We review the sleek Weihrauch HW100T PCP Air Rifle, Cabela’s The Hunt – Championship Edition, Fyrlyt’s Hellfyr 12000 Spotlight, Leupold’s RX-1600i TBR/W rangefinder, an array of Fox knives and the BlackFox Lensatic Compass. We take an in-depth look at air rifle ballistics, find the right deer rifle, reveal the history behind .303 sub-calibres, hunt with a 28-gauge, judge animal maturity by horns, uncover some Puma knives and look at knife handle combinations. We also highlight the benefits of 4WDs when heading out bush, provide survival tips, show you how to make your own quad shooting sticks and cook delicious venison Mexican tacos, stout rabbit stew with dumplings and wood-fired pizza.

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