Edition 66 - Australian Hunter

Sam Garro marvels at Australia’s Woodleigh Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullet, Con Kapralos finds small ferals can’t match the Winchester CZ 527 American Sporter in .204, Royce Wilson reminisces about Winchester’s iconic Model 1892, Don Caswell discovers a faithful military reproduction in Nioa’s Diana Mauser K98 air rifle, Brad Allen takes aim with rimfire hunting scopes and takes off in Yamaha’s Wolverine X4 side-by-side ATV. Dick Eussen turns tracking into an artform, David Duffy challenges Arnhem Land banteng, Chris Redlich sweeps the farmyard of ferals, Anthony Puddicombe outwits wild dogs, Mark van den Boogart grasps goats and pigs in Pilliga, Perry Magowan beats diversity to hunt stags and Gordon Nelis heads to South Africa for an Eastern Cape Safari. We also hunt for decent sleeping bags and boots, recapture the Supex waterbag’s effectiveness, peer into Robert Dewey’s hunting knife equipment kit, uncover the ideal camp kitchen paring knives, butcher rear leg roast and cook wood-fired roast, goat stroganoff and our own jerky – it’s easy!

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