Edition 50 - Australian Hunter

Matthew Crowther takes a trip to the ‘Dark Continent’ of Africa and samples the sapping heat of a hunting excursion into Namibia. Closer to home, Mary Conway embarks on a journey to the Red Centre in search of some outback camels, while John McDougall bags a healthy haul of partridges just an hour and a half’s drive from Melbourne on the Cobaw Sporting reserve. North American correspondent Thomas Tabor offers his thoughts about the 12 best-ever hunting rifle cartridges, and Lynn Bain describes how to make semi-dried smoked game jerky that can be used as a staple in a hunter’s food rations. Plentiful reviews include gloves and gaiters from Max-Hunter, Ridgeline’s Apache boots, Savage’s Axis II Scope Package rifle, FAIR’s Iside EM shotgun and the lightweight Boreas Sapa Trek Farallon backpack.