Edition 44 - Australian Hunter

The Locavore restaurant in the Adelaide Hills town of Stirling abides by the principle of using local produce from within a 100-mile radius. Owner Chris March explains where he got the idea and how his business features regional foods as they come into season. Still in South Australia, Rick Huckstepp and his hunting crew round up a mixed bag of varmints in the Riverland. Further afield, Ted Mitchell’s Aussie group enjoy an African odyssey, while Andrew Balcombe experiences a Dutch wildfowl and hare hunt. Senior correspondent John Dunn tries out a couple of high-quality binoculars made by Kings Optics Canada Incorporated, John McDougall tests the Marocchi First Deluxe shotgun, and Don Caswell finds how well Russell Moccasin custom-made boots fit as he goes hunting in gorge country.