December 2023 - Australian Shooter

When Ray Dennis wanted to shoot his new Barrett rifle in .50 BMG he was told he wouldn’t be issued a Commissioner’s Permit unless he had access to an approved firing range. “So I built my own,” he told Australian Shooter. The end result is the Klondyke Range Complex on Klondyke Station, a vast sheep property in far western NSW with a series of five shooting ranges available to those with a need to wring out large calibre and long-range options and we were granted exclusive access.

Carrying out pest control in the dark using either thermal or night vision optics can certainly help boost your efficiency and the latest offering from Pulsar provides great flexibility at a reasonable price tag. The Pulsar DIGEX C50 is a digital day and night vision riflescope which gives you round-the-clock capability thanks to its different lens and sensor operating modes to generate great results at any time of day.

For its latest lever action rifle – the 1895 SBL – Marlin has taken a historic design and thrust it into the modern arena. Although not a new design to Marlin, gone is the sleek, non-existent pistol grip of yesteryear’s lever, replaced with a modern and more vertical grip which reflects shotgun design, promoting responsive and accurate offhand targeting without affecting the function of a smooth lever-action. And combined with a 1.5-4×20 VX-Freedom scope by Leupold, the pair make for a formidable hunting combination.

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