August 2023 - Australian Shooter

Of all the current Benelli Lupo models the Walnut is cream of the crop. It looks beautiful with its glossy BE.S.T. barrelled action and AA-grade walnut with subdued satin finish and the rifle’s inherent design features give it the utmost in form, fit and function for the discerning hunter.

Our Hunter’s Mancave series continues as Scott Heiman salutes his heritage and more in a purpose-built space, including reference to Trial Bay Gaol where his family was interred during World War One and even though they were all born in Australia, it happened because of their German heritage.

Sam Garro has been puzzling over unpredictable rabbit cycles, one of the mysteries of nature where only the creatures themselves sense or know when it’s the right time to procreate and/or adopt predator-evasive behaviour. As hunters it can be tricky trying to figure out what’s going on with rabbits in an area when one time there’s plenty of them and a few months later virtually none.

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