August 2016 - Australian Shooter

The SSAA reports on the law-enforcement issues presented at the National Policing Summit, and Media Officer Kate Fantinel discusses the fallout from the lengthy Federal Election campaign, including the Greens party releasing an outrageous firearms policy and Gun Control Australia attacking the legitimacy of the Adler shotgun. Con Kapralos examines the Steyr SM12 SX Stainless rifle, Daniel O’Dea takes a look at the WFA1 rifle from Warwick Firearms and Neil Edgley tests the BSA Scorpion SE PCP air rifle. We also review the Pulsar Digisight N850 LRF night vision scope, Steiner Miniscope monocular, Tikka rifle cleaning kits and Federal Champion .22LR HP ammo. SSAA Bendigo and Parks Victoria partner to manage foxes, and Ben Smith recalls a successful winter hunting trip to rid a property of ferals including a monstrous feral cat. The SSAA SHOT Expo also smashes attendance records in Sydney.