April 2024 - Australian Shooter

Are you familiar with the feral challenge? If not, for our April cover story, Dave Pearce has all you need to know when it comes to tackling those animals which cause untold damage to the Australian landscape, while at the same time filling your freezer with all kinds of delicious cuts. Rifles under review this month include the Weatherby Model 307, that company’s first new offering in half a century, along with a Wedgetail pump-action and Hardy hybrid, while senior correspondent Rod Pascoe takes an in-depth look at the DR920L pistol from Shadow Systems. Daniel O’Dea visited the US SHOT Show in Las Vegas earlier this year and in the first of a two-part special takes a look at some of the new arrivals on the firearms scene. Other items in the spotlight this month include Champion targets, a Pixfra thermal scope, Axil Extreme earbuds and the Garmin Fenix smartwatch which will give you the edge if you decide to take up that feral challenge. And along with our regular columns, letters and features, there’s sure to be something of interest for everyone.