April 2021 - Australian Shooter

New shooters are rightly excited when they apply for then receive the Permit to Acquire their first firearm. But what to buy? In our April magazine, Senior Correspondent Rod Pascoe takes us through the options and what to consider when using your all-important first PTA. Good footwear is something we often overlook when planning a trip to the bush, so Chris Redlich has put the latest LOWA Ranger GTX III boots to the test and says you can’t go past them for the ultimate in comfort and foot support. Firearms in review this month include the custom Tikka T3 in .243 Winchester with Bolly Composite stock built by Precision Defence Industries, as well as shotguns including the Huglu HT-14 Trap and TAC-12 by Sulun Arms. And when it comes to rifle accuracy, Steve Hurt underlines the important of using a rest and the advantages it provides.

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