SSAA Sarina 33rd Anzac Interclub Memorial Shoot

The weekend of May 9 and 10 saw the SSAA Sarina Branch hold the 33rd Anzac Interclub Memorial Shoot at its range, just south of Koumala in Queensland. This event is held annually between Sarina and Moranbah, with Clermont and Glenden also being invited this year.

More than 25 competitors and their families attended the weekend, with the coveted Anzac Shield event being held on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful, with warm sunny days and minimal wind. The Combined Services Pistol match is held to commemorate the memory of the Anzacs, with the highest scoring competitor for this event winning a special trophy this year reflecting the ‘Centenary of the Anzac’.

Michael Angel from Glenden took out the honours with a score of 810. Benchrest, Open Lever Action and Combined Services Pistol made up the rest of the weekend shoots. The Open Lever Action event was held for the first time and proved to be particularly challenging.

The only junior to participate this year, Lachy Neuendorf, was very disappointed in his Benchrest score due to a fault with his scope. Lachy is new to the club and to shooting, but he has shown early the promise of the competitor he will become. Janet Brown, who is also new to the club and has only shot Benchrest a few times, scored a respectable score of 448.00.

The Anzac Shield score is determined by the three highest scores (taken from the Combined Services Pistol match) from each participating club, which is then averaged out. SSAA Sarina retained the honours with a score of 2201. Clermont scored 2062 and Moranbah scored 1374.

SSAA Sarina member John Stott shot a personal best in the Combined Services Pistol match, with a winning score of 345.11. No-one else was able to achieve a personal best over the weekend, but there were some respectable scores recorded.

Everyone enjoyed the competition and social weekend immensely. SSAA Sarina catered over the weekend, with the highlight being a magnificent roast meal on Saturday night that exceeded all expectations. The management committee would like to thank Trish and Charmaine Dooley, Rob and Tanya Murray, Henry, Sharon, and Mark Trindorfer, along with Kari Morgan and the Ilbilbie Roadhouse for their outstanding efforts.

A huge thank you goes out to all the club members who worked tirelessly to make the shoot a great weekend. SSAA Sarina also thanks all the competitors and their families who travelled from out west to ensure that the weekend was as successful as it was. Members from SSAA Sarina look forward to participating in the ‘return shoot’ and vying for the ‘dog’ (special return shoot trophy) later on in the year.

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