SSAA NSW Rimfire State Championships

There was plenty of action to savour during the 2016 SSAA NSW Rimfire State Championships held at Dairyville Range in Coffs Harbour over the first weekend of October. Numbers were down for both the Light Rimfire and Heavy Rimfire classes after the event was originally advertised to take place at Silverdale but transferred to Dairyville a few weeks before the competition was due to be held. Even so, totals reached 29 in the Heavy and 15 in the Light, which made for a very relaxed shoot, with all the shooters really enjoying the two days.

Winds were diabolical on both days, making it hard for good groups. Screamers were still possible, with nine in the Heavy 50 yards, the best being Robin Cox with a .126. Trevor Williams shot a screamer of .292 in the 100 yards Heavy.

Junior Mel Frost took out the Light with a .7643 and the 2-Gun with .7286. The smallest Light Rimfire group at 50 yards was Sonia Frost with a .232, which reflected the conditions, while Glenn Seaman was the smallest group at 100 yards with .464. The smallest Heavy Rimfire group at 50 yards was Robin Cox with a .126 and Trevor Williams at 100 yards with a .292. All prize winners had their mementoes presented to them by Rod Madeley, representing the host club.

Light Rimfire

Mel Frost (Junior) 0.7643
Glenn Seaman 0.8649
Bill Jupp 1.0447
Sonia Frost 1.0472
Jeremy Hannaford (Junior) 1.0632
Michael Frost 1.1255
Peter Nicoll 1.1414
Ian Thompson 1.1495
Raymond Munro 1.2158
Tom Keys 1.2235
Don Powell 1.3883
Robert Wells 1.4191
Robyn Wilson 1.6134
Stephen Ferrell 1.7078
Nick Catlan 2.1204
Heavy Rimfire
Robin Cox 0.5591
Sonia Frost 0.6374
Robyn Wilson 0.6689
Ian McNellee 0.6778
Ian Thompson 0.6787
Michael Frost 0.6802
Peter Nicoll 0.6872
Mel Frost (Junior) 0.6929
Tom Keys 0.7158
Bill Buchanan 0.7262
Greg Sutherland 0.7487
John Davis 0.7905
Robert Wells 0.7928
Bill Jupp 0.7953
Jeremy Hannaford (Junior) 0.809
Don Powell 0.8231
Stephen Ferrell 0.8506
Andrew Thompson 0.8919
Raymond Munro 0.8939
Glenn Seaman 0.9046
John Matthews 0.9262
Kathleen Davis 0.9341
Emily Seaman (Junior) 0.9563
Trevor Williams 0.9783
Jodie McNellee 0.989
Steve Morton 1.0162
Nick Catlan 1.1918
Caresse Thompson 1.2894
Neil Starr 1.4319


Mel Frost (Junior) 0.7286
Sonia Frost 0.8423
Glenn Seaman 0.8848
Michael Frost 0.9029
Ian Thompson 0.9141
Peter Nicoll 0.9143
Jeremy Hannaford (Junior) 0.9361
Tom Keys 0.9697
Raymond Munro 1.0549
Don Powell 1.1057
Robert Wells 1.1059
Robyn Wilson 1.1412
Stephen Ferrell 1.2792
Nick Catlan 1.6561
All Disciplines