SSAA 2019 Muzzleloading national championships

The 2019 SSAA Muzzleloading and Black Powder Cartridge Rifle national championships were hosted by SSAA Para in South Australia and attracted most of Australia’s top muzzleloading shooters who competed in rifle, pistol and shotgun events at a range of distances from 25m out to 200m.

While there were no new entries to the Hall of Fame this year, some shooters came very close to the 100 points required to qualify, among them Shayne Barnsley on 96, Kerwin Bee (86) and Barry Duckett (82).

Barnsley came agonisingly close to a national record in Class 2 Pistol time-fire shooting, his 92/100 just one point away, while Michael Nicholas missed the 25m Revolver national record by the same margin when he shot 95/100.

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