2015 Bananacoast Championships

The SSAA Coffs Harbour Branch Bananacoast Championships were held at the Dairyville Range in Coffs Harbour over three days from August 22 to 24. Saturday saw the Light Benchrest contested with 45 competitors participating, while Sunday was Heavy Benchrest with 43 competitors and Monday was Experimental with 10 competitors. A big thank you to all of our volunteers who made it possible to once again hold this event.

The branch put on an evening meal on Saturday with around 35 shooters remaining at the range to enjoy a lovely scotch fillet steak dinner cooked to perfection by resident chef Michael Laidlaw.

The weather was kind to us on the weekend, but it rained and thundered on the Monday, which was unpleasant for the target crew. Murray Hicks shot a pending record in the 200-yard Light Benchrest with an aggregate of .1696. A screamer of .080 was shot by Paul Sullivan in the 100-yard Heavy Benchrest. Screamers were also shot by Barry Warwick (.244) and Roger Marshall (.228) in the 200-yard Heavy Benchrest.

The State of Origin Trophy was once again won by the NSW Team consisting of Murray Hicks, Steve Sori, Mitchell Tallar and Bill Jupp, who recorded a combined score of .2380. The vanquished Queenslanders were represented by Roger Marshall, Steve Blaine, Russell Gibson and Paul Sullivan whose combined aggregate was .2600.

Results from this year’s Bananacoast Championships are:

Light Benchrest 100 yards top 3
Barry Warwick .1854
Mitchell Tallar .2162
Steve Blaine .2248
Light Benchrest 200 yards top 3
Murray Hicks .1696
Steve Sori .2145
Russell Gibson .2344
Light Benchrest Grand Aggregate top 3
Murray Hicks .2120
Mitchell Tallar .2305
Steve Sori .2345
Heavy Benchrest 100 yards top 3
Steve Sori .1708
Russell Gibson .1978
Murray Hicks .2142
Heavy Benchrest 200 yards top 3
Roger Marshall .2081
Steve Blaine .2245
Murray Hicks .2286
Heavy Benchrest Grand Aggregate top 3
Steve Sori .2122
Murray Hicks .2214
Roger Marshall .2448
Experimental top 5
Steve Blaine .2862
Barry Edgley .2993
Steve Sori .3226
Mitchell Tallar .3550
Ean Parsons .3831
2-Gun top 15
Murray Hicks .2167
Steve Sori .2234
Mitchell Tallar .2381
Roger Marshall .2449
Steve Blaine .2537
Russell Gibson .2542
Bill Jupp .2739
Keith Smith .2750
Barry Warwick .2803
Paul Sullivan .2872
Annie Elliott .2906
Gary Hunt .2908
Michael Thompson .2934
Mark Mundell .3054
Steve Nash .3055
3-Gun top 3
Steve Sori .2565
Steve Blaine .2645
Mitchell Tallar .2771
All Disciplines