Field to Fork – Second Helpings

Welcome to our latest showcase of Australia’s diverse, sustainable and environmentally friendly offerings in Field to Fork – Second Helpings.

Each and every recipe has been kitchen and dining-table tested and are based on Australia’s unique wildlife, including duck, goat, kangaroo, venison and pork – even camel and crocodile make the plate this time. Sustainable harvest of this land not only makes sense environmentally, it’s absolutely delicious! 

A follow-up volume to the initial Gourmand award-winning Field to Fork offering, this extensive hardback Australian Game Cookbook takes a journey around the sustainable, assorted, environmentally attuned helpings across our vast land. Featuring over 50 recipes, including Chargrilled kangaroo and halloumi kebabs, Bourbon-glazed venison ribs and Goat hot pot with mushrooms and bamboo shoots.