Yildiz Black Sporter

Stay in the Black

Break clays without breaking the bank, says John McDougall

Yildiz is a Turkish-based company making all grades of shotgun from basic to ornate with the end product reflected in how deep your pockets are, though in reality they’re actually affordable guns at a realistic price. The ProStar range, already assessed within these pages, are their premium guns while the Yildiz Black Sporter on review here has been specifically designed for the Australian market and has a lot to offer the beginner, like those discovering the Sporting Clays discipline or maybe considering a venture into Skeet or hunting.

This model has Grade 3 walnut stock wood and an adjustable combpiece well suited to the novice shooter’s introduction to the clay target sports and while there’s been something of a mystique surrounding the quality of Turkish firearms, I can say from more than 10 years’ experience reviewing Yildiz guns that they’re made to a high standard. The Turkish Government has really backed the industry as they have the latest in CNC technology and the country has some of the finest walnut groves in the world to supply their stock wood, so let’s take a closer look at what the Yildiz Black Sporter has to offer.


With silver soldered together for maximum strength and supported by ventilated side ribs and a similarly ventilated top rib, the gun looks well finished in its dark blued colour. Topped by a red fluoro front sight there’s no mid-sight which, when provided, can assist novice shooters with correct gun mount until they become completely familiar with the firearm. Once this is done the shooter’s eyes should focus solely on the target.

With barrels measuring 760mm (30”) the Yildiz Sporting is certainly up to the challenge of some fine shooting. Fitted with fully internal 43mm chokes and supplied with external collared chokes of half and full at 68mm, the Yildiz will handle clay targets, feather or fur as it’s also ideal for hunting. At the chamber end it’s suited for 76mm (3”) shells, far beyond what’s demanded from the clay target sports at 70mm and more apt for stiff, semi-magnum hunting loads. Although not covered in depth, the gun is matched for the use of steel shot with a maximum choke constriction of modified or half choke.

The ejectors are well-timed and expel spent cartridges clear of the breech to enable quick reloading, strongly constructed and fitted tightly to the monobloc as testimony to the excellent tolerances achieved using quality CNC machinery. Forcing cones are standard and the barrel bore measures 0.727” which is also standard for most shotguns throughout the world. The barrels are jointed by means of bifurcated semi-circular slots cut into both sides of the monobloc which give the gun a lower profile than generally possible with an underpinned over-and-under shotgun and I like bifurcated jointing for improved balance and swing.


With a matte deep blued finish the receiver is plain yet appealing with brand and model stamped on either side as well as in gold on the underside which contrasts well, and being a bifurcated jointed gun the receiver profile is quite low with standard width for a 12-gauge. The metal-to-metal surfaces are well joined without gaps and absolutely no movement in the barrels when fitted to the receiver in what is another testimony to CNC technology.

Design of the top lever and safety catch-cum-barrel selector are good with barrels dropping from the action with moderate force on the top lever. The safety catch slides forward to engage the firing mechanism and when pushed to the rear of the top tang the gun’s in the ‘safe’ position. I liked the mechanical triggers as these offer the chance of a second shot regardless of a misfire with the first barrel, a delight for hunters and a positive for the Sporting Clays shooter.

Design of the non-adjustable triggerfoot is excellent and comfortable with its broad surface, the triggerguard sufficiently large to accommodate those who prefer shooting gloves. Trigger pulls were measured at 1.35kg (3lb) for the over barrel and 1.2kg (2lb 10oz) for the under, a tad on the light side but quite safe for fast and positive release.

Stock and fore-end

Made from Grade 3 walnut with striking character and appealing grain structure, the fore-end and stock are given an oiled finish with chequering around 18 lines/inch and generous for a firm grip. The Yildiz Sporter is fitted with an adjustable combpiece which makes it conveniently adjustable for most shooters, both lateral and vertical tweaks done via the Allen keys provided. The test gun was supplied with a right-hand stock though a left-handed version is also available.

I was pleased to note a substantial recoil pad to soak up the effect of semi-magnum 3” loads used for hunting or shooting hyper-velocity steel shot loads with speeds approaching 1700fps in waterfowling. Apart from its primary function of absorbing recoil from such heavy field loads the secondary job of a recoil pad is to maintain positive gun mount, enabling the stock to remain in precisely the same position on the shoulder while both shots are fired and the pad fitted performed both admirably.

In the field

The Australian-designed Yildiz Sporter acquitted itself well as an entry level firearm for either Sporting Clays or hunting and tests at the Frankston Field and Game ground proved challenging in strong winds which made targets tricky. Using the supplied Aguila loads was a treat as many targets were turned to dust, the gun swung well and was lively enough and the chokes, although shorter than the present trend, smashed the clays. I didn’t manage to use the longer half-choke and full-choke tubes but imagine they’d be ideal on rabbits, hares or foxes.

In conclusion, at $1495 warranted for three years and supplied with a fitted ABS case along with all accessories and instruction booklet, the Yildiz Sporter probably offers the best value in an entrance level sporting shotgun with the adjustable comb a real bonus. Once again I found a product from a quality Turkish manufacturer is challenging many of the far more established brands from Italy and elsewhere and Yildiz is certainly among the front-runners.

Manufacturer: Yildiz, Turkey
Distributer: Raytrade www.raytrade.com.au
Overall length: 1200mm/47¼”
Overall weight: 3.65kg/8lb 2oz
Barrel length: 760mm/30”
Barrel weight: 1.56kg/3lb 7oz
Bore size: Under 0.727”; Over 0.727”
Chamber: 12-gauge, 76mm/3”
Chokes: 5x43mm – Cylinder: 0.725”, Imp. Cylinder: 0.710”, Modified: 0.700”, Imp. Modified: 0.690”, Full: 0.680”, 2x68mm – Modified: 0.690”, Full: 0.680”
Trigger pulls: Over 1.35kg/48oz, Under 1.20kg/42oz
Stock dimensions: Length of pull: 370mm/14½”, drop at comb adjustable, drop at heel adjustable
RRP: About $1495
Warranty: Three years

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