Winchester Australia announces long-term partnership with Kahles Optics

Winchester Australia today announced that it has signed a long-term partnership with Kahles (Optics) Gesellschaft mbH, Austria.

“We are excited to team up with Kahles,” said Winchester Australia’s sales and marketing manager Jeff Gordon. “We have been selling premium Austrian firearms like Steyr Mannlicher for a long time and it seems a very natural progression to add Kahles scopes to the mix. We value long term partnerships over all else and don’t believe in adding products to our range that fail to meet a particular standard. Therefore, we believe Kahles is a perfect match for our portfolio.”

Kahles has also expressed its desire to reconnect with Australian hunters and sports shooters. “We want to re-launch our brand in Australia,” explained Kahles CEO Robert Artwohl. “We are seeing that hunters and shooters desire a product of the highest quality and performance and are not willing to settle for substandard mass produced optics…We think there is significant room for the Kahles brand to reestablish itself among the best optics available to shooters worldwide”.

Winchester Australia expects its first shipment of Kahles products to be available in Australia in February.


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