What does the SSAA do for the environment?

SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister recently wrote to each and every Federal politician illustrating the good work our members do for the environment and explaining one of the main reasons we hunt: to protect our native animals and plant life.

“The SSAA strongly believes that hunting and the environment go together – like hand in glove,” said Tim. “Our members donate their time and efforts to help achieve very real conservational outcomes, such as a sprawling koala habitat in Queensland and supporting the survival of the Tasmanian devil.”

More than 70,000 goats have been removed from South Australia’s Ikara-Flinders Ranges, as have tens of thousands of damaging donkeys, camels and feral pigs across our continent. Foxes, wild dogs and now the boom in the population growth of the feral cat are all immediate threats to the Australian environment and the agricultural industry.

The SSAA and our members are a part of the solution.


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