Voluntary recall on Remington Model 7 and 700 rifles

The Remington Arms Company LLC (Remington) has reissued it's recall on the Remington Model 7 and 700 rifles manufactured between May 1, 2006, and April 9, 2014, and which have an X-Mark Pro (XMP) trigger.

The company has identified a potential assembly problem, where in some cases, at certain temperature ranges, the bonding agent used in the X-Mark Pro trigger can ‘gum up’, causing the safety catch not to engage and possibly cause an unintentional discharge. Since discovering the assembly problem, Remington has changed and improved its assembly process for the X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism.

Raytrade, the Australian Remington distributor, is encouraging all shooters who think they may have a firearm from this period and affected by this recall to immediately cease using their firearm, and to contact any of the authorised warranty repair stations listed below. An appointment can then be made for a complete factory set trigger mechanism to be replaced while you wait.

To find out if your Remington Model 7 or 700 rifle may be affected by this recall, please visit xmprecall.remington.com/ and enter the rifle’s serial number. For updated information or additional queries, please email Raytrade.

See download for full list of authorised warranty repair stations.

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