Victorinox’s Hunter XS and XT extreme pocket-knives

The Hunter from Victorinox is a functional Swiss Army Knife for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who put safety and reliability above all else.

Two blades – one sharper than the other – are incorporated into this impressive knife’s solid grip. Both can be folded out single-handedly using an oval thumbhole, which is a huge advantage when working in the open air and means the Hunter is always at the ready, without having to look down or use both hands, bringing new meaning to the word ‘multi-tasking’.

Made of a non-slip two-component material, the handles are fitted with additional grip surfaces, so the Hunter sits securely and comfortably in the hand. Thanks to its bright orange grip, the Hunter is easily spotted on the ground if ever dropped, even in the toughest of visible conditions.

The drop-point shape and smooth ground cutting edge of the main blade ensures it is a real all-rounder and well-suited to a wide variety of tasks, from hunting and woodworking to the preparation of food. The second blade includes a highly efficient serrated edge.

The Hunter is available in two versions: a slim standard model Hunter XS that comes with both one-hand opening blades and a corkscrew and retails for around $79.95, and a larger Hunter XT model, which is equipped with an additional tool being a strong woodsaw for even greater practicality and retails for around $89.95.

Boasting all of the necessary blades for experienced and novice outdoor enthusiasts alike, the Victorinox Hunter is a cutting-edge Swiss Army Knife that sets a new standard for the modern day hunter.


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