Victorinox Swibo – prime cut for the recreational and professional edge

More than 50 years ago, Wenger created the Swibo brand, which was then considered a truly innovative professional knife range for butchers. Since that time, the collection has been integrated into the Victorinox cutlery range, and over the years, consistently perfected and expanded, becoming a benchmark in the meat, food processing and fishing/recreational sectors. Swibo has been regarded as the best quality knife in these sectors for the past 20 years.

The renowned bright yellow handle with its ergonomic shape is injection-moulded and sealed directly onto the polished, high-grade stainless steel blade to avoid debris and germ accumulation, setting a new standard in knife safety and hygiene alike.

Handcrafted in Switzerland and displaying uncompromised craftsmanship, each knife’s manufacturing process finishes in close inspection before the blades are mirror polished for improved corrosion, rust resistance and easy cleaning.

With more than 64 Swibo products available, the range including boning, filleting, sticking, skinning, cutlery and steak, slicing, cimeter steak, carving, fish filleting and butcher knives – covering every recreational and professional task at hand.

Dedicated function and design, engineered to deliver superior cutting strength and durability, continues to make the Swibo range the knife of choice among cutlery specialists of all types and levels.

Ask for Victorinox products are your local outdoor shop or find your local Victorinox Swibo stockist.


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