Victoria releases 2017 game hunting manual

The most comprehensive game hunting manual ever produced in Victoria has been released and covers just about everything a hunter needs to know about the pastime in the state. The new Game Hunting in Victoria – a manual for responsible and sustainable hunting is available in both digital and printed formats and is the successor to last year’s 2016 Victorian Hunting Guide.

“The new manual was developed… to assist game hunters in acting safely, sustainably, humanely and legally,” said Game Management Authority (GMA) chairman Brian Hine. “Delivered as part of the Victorian Government’s Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2016-2020, the new comprehensive manual outlines the current laws, firearms safety, hunting methods and equipment ethics, survival skills and provides improved education and training for game hunters.”

The hunting manual has come out just ahead of the 2017 full duck season in Victoria, which starts on March 18. In addition to ducks, other species hunted in Victoria are covered in the guide such as deer and quail. The robust 170-page manual is a good read for seasoned hunters and for newcomers excited about their first trip hunting.

Victorian game licence-holders can expect a printed copy of the hunting manual to be mailed to them in the coming weeks and the GMA wishes to remind hunters that they need to make their copy last as the GMA will not be sending out new copies annually. However, copies of the manual will also be available from selected regional offices in Victoria from early March. Everyone else is welcome to download the Game Hunting in Victoria manual.

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