Updated notice to SSAA SHOT Expo exhibitors

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SSAA Shot Expo events

We write on behalf of the Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia Incorporated (SSAA).

We understand that you have previously been an exhibitor at the 'SSAA SHOT EXPO' events (Shot Expos) conducted by Exhibitions Group Pty Ltd (in liquidation) (Exhibitions Group).

As you are no doubt aware, Exhibitions Group recently appointed liquidators from Ernst & Young (EY), and is no longer trading. We confirm that the SSAA's contractual arrangements with Exhibitions Group have been terminated, and that Exhibitions Group no longer has any official role with respect to the Shot Expos.

The SSAA has asked us to clarify a small number of matters relating to Exhibitions Group and the Shot Expos, as set out below.

Hunt Expo

You may recently have become aware of a new 'HUNT EXPO' event (Hunt Expo), proposed to be held in Victoria next year.

We confirm that the Hunt Expo is not associated with or endorsed by the SSAA, or the Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (Vic) Ltd (SSAA Victoria).

Rather, the Hunt Expo appears to be proposed by HuntEx Int Pty Ltd (HuntEx). HuntEx was incorporated last Tuesday, 20 November 2018, and did not exist before that date.

We confirm that the sole director and company secretary of, and shareholder in, HuntEx is Ms Lynley Hukins. As you may be aware, Ms Hukins is the wife of Michael Nissen, the sole director and company secretary of Exhibitions Group prior to its demise. Ms Hukins also worked for Exhibitions Group prior to its demise, in a role she described as being 'similar to Chief Operating Officer'.

Accordingly, although the Hunt Expo is not conducted by Exhibitions Group, key individuals from Exhibitions Group appear to be behind the new HuntEx entity.

New Zealand

We confirm that the SSAA has no involvement with 'SHOT EXPO' events conducted in New Zealand. Any queries or concerns in relation to those events should be directed to the organisers.

Liquidation process

If you are a creditor of Exhibitions Group, you should have recently received a document from EY entitled 'Liquidators' Initial Circular to Creditors & Notice of Meeting' (Circular). If you believe that you are owed money by Exhibitions Group and did not receive the Circular, you should contact Melissa Lucas at EY ([email protected]) immediately.

As stated in the Circular, Mr Slaven and Mr Torline of EY have offered to resign as liquidators of Exhibitions Group on the basis of a perceived lack of independence. Two alternate liquidators from other firms have been nominated in their place.

One of the proposed liquidators, Mr Adam Shepard, was referred to the matter by Exhibitions Group's existing accountants, and has already had conversations and correspondence with Mr Nissen (as outlined in the Circular).

In order to ensure that the liquidator appointed is as independent as possible, the SSAA accordingly will be voting in favour of the other liquidator proposed, Mr Christopher Palmer, who does not appear to have had any such connections or contact with Mr Nissen.

The SSAA encourages you to therefore vote in favour of the resolution:

To remove Michael Slaven and Aaron Torline as Joint and Several Liquidators of the Company and appoint Mr Chris Palmer as alternate liquidator of the Company in accordance with section 90-35(1) of the Insolvency Practitioner Schedule (Corporations) 2016.

If you wish, you are able to nominate Mr Tim Bannister, Chief Executive Officer of the SSAA, to act as your proxy at the upcoming meeting of creditors to be held on 3 December, using the Appointment of Proxy Form at Appendix C of the Circular.

Future Expos

We are pleased to also confirm that the SSAA is well progressed in its planning for future Shot Expos, independent of Exhibitions Group, the first of which is likely to be held in Victoria.

The SSAA will be in touch regarding these Shot Expos in due course, and hopes you will again participate in them.

Yours sincerely

Luke Dale


HWL Ebsworth Lawyers



Daniel Kiley

Senior Associate

HWL Ebsworth Lawyers



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