Tuning into Hunting the Menu

Hunting the Menu premieres on January 23 at 8.30pm on Aurora and January 24 at 8pm on C31. The SSAA is a major sponsor of the show and we look forward to this step in our promotion of hunting to the wider community. The show lifts the lid on the process of hunting and preparing free-range food, offering insight into what hunting is all about.

In addition to the Hunting the Menu the SSAA’s ‘Join Us’ commercial will go to air across the nation as we begin spreading our message to shooters and non-shooters alike. The ad features real-life shooters and showcases the diverse range of people who partake in our recreation, including young women, farmers and those who are less able. This is the first step in an exciting new era of reaching out to the public and promoting hunting and shooting as a healthy, safe, sustainable and welcoming pastime. The ad will air during the new show Hunting the Menu, of which the SSAA is a proud major sponsor.

If you don’t have Foxtel, you can download C31’s smartphone app or follow the live stream when it airs on C31. If you can’t view the debut episode live, you can catch up by watching replays on C31, or by visiting Hunting the Menu and SSAA TV, which will have all the episodes uploaded a week after they go to air.

As part of the SSAA’s efforts to increase awareness of recreational shooting in the general community, this short television commercial is being broadcast during the new series, Hunting The Menu. The SSAA is a major sponsor of Hunting The Menu, a show which lifts the lid on hunting and preparing food from hunting.

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