Towards 200,000 strong. SSAA – your voice in shooting

Dear Friends,

As a former member of the SSAA, we need your help! The 2019 federal election has come and gone and, as usual, the shooting sports and hunting came under attack. During the six months leading up to polling day those against our sport made a concerted effort to tarnish law-abiding shooters and convince political parties to turn against us.

Did you know that Gun Control Australia President Samantha Lee was a guest speaker at the Federal Labor Conference just months before the election? Ms Lee made outrageous comments about law-abiding shooters and firearms, including that firearm owners are more likely to be abusing their wives; that the Port Arthur massacre murderer was of sound mind and that he had no previous history with police. She also inferred that he had a firearms licence. She went on to say that a firearms licence, even for a handgun, is very easy to obtain. These falsehoods and disgraceful comments were deliberately designed to turn Labor members and politicians against the shooting fraternity.

The Greens, as expected, further demonised us by criticising basic club funding and played their part in calling for firearm associations such as the SSAA to be banned from having any influence with politicians and the federal parliament.

Left-wing activist group GetUp! assisted to fund, along with Gun Control Australia, a series of anti-firearm propaganda papers that had ludicrous comments including that firearm owners changed their firearms to suit their outfit worn that day and how they often hid firearms in every room of their homes in preparation for a home invasion or the ‘end of days’.

The truth is Gun Control Australia, The Greens, GetUp! and the extreme left-wing of the Labor party have joined to form a coalition against the firearm owners of Australia.

And there is more…

A former ABC television producer, funded by an overseas media broadcaster, tried to create its own ‘fake news’ by linking firearms ownership with racism and intolerance.

Anti-gunners even used the Christchurch terrorist attack as a playing card to call for further firearm bans and red tape in Australia and again suggested that shooters are bigots.

Your SSAA and firearm owners are a snapshot of the Australian community. Shooting and hunting do not judge and its members come in all shapes and sizes, religions, colour and genders; it is quite possibly the most inclusive activity in Australia.

With a new parliament we will be fighting to preserve the freedoms of all law-abiding shooters and ensure any new legislation does not adversely impact licence holders. The only thing that will get any group’s voice heard is the strength of their numbers. We are so close to being 200,000 members strong. Our members have partners and children, siblings and parents; together we can be a formidable force.

But we need you to help tip the scales in our favour. As a former member of the SSAA, even if you are not actively shooting these days, we need your support to protect shooting and hunting in Australia today and for future generations.

Re-Join today and we will give you a voice that will be heard by all politicians and the media. For the sake of our recreation, don’t be silenced. Simply phone our friendly membership staff on 02 8805 3900 or join online today.

We will be your voice. That is our promise to you.

Geoff Jones, SSAA National President

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