‘This is shooting’ mini-documentary captures real essence of shooting

Recreational shooting and hunting continues to be falsely linked with the illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle groups, organised criminal syndicates and the illicit firearms trade, despite the evidence showing Australia’s one million licensed firearm owners are not the problem.

After nearly 70 years of serving and representing law-abiding firearm owners, the largest shooting organisation in the nation has launched a mini-documentary capturing the real essence of shooting. Released to members of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) earlier this week, the video titled This is shooting’ has already been watched by tens of thousands of people.

SSAA National Media Officer Kate Fantinel said the video has been a hit with the SSAA’s 177,000-plus members who regularly enjoy partaking in the legitimate activity of shooting at gun clubs and ranges and in Australia’s great outdoors.

“The response so far has been fantastic and we are actively encouraging our members to share this video far and wide by embracing the power of social media to present the real side of sports shooting and hunting, which of course is safe and all-inclusive,” she said.

“Positive interest in the shooting sports continues to grow and the video is an accurate reflection on who we are as shooters from the eyes of real SSAA members and real people.

“With the power of our members and support from the firearms community, we hope this video will offer an insight into an often misunderstood activity and educate non-shooters about the reality of our chosen pastime.”

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