The Shooter MOBEEL from Hisun

The Shooter MOBEEL was created by Hisun dealer Geoff Lark to meet the needs of shooters and hunters. The Shooter MOBEEL is a Hisun Model 750 UTV with a number of extras Geoff has carefully added in order to make it the ideal mode of transport for professional shooters. Some of the extras include a Kolpin floor mounted adjustable dual gun rack, a rifle rest pad, extra lighting and a steel flat bed tray with drop sides.

Of course, all the add-ons in the world don’t count for much if the UTV breaks down or can’t handle rough terrain. Fortunately, the Hisun Model 750 contains plenty of power with a single-cylinder 750cc engine delivering 38hp. Although similar-sized UTVs may have larger engines, Geoff feels more power is not always better.

“The single-cylinder 750cc engine delivers a very responsive 38hp without the additional stress on transmission as is associated with larger V-twin or diesel engines,” says Geoff. “This engine is perfectly matched to the transmission to provide absolute smooth performance at low creep speeds while still being capable of a top speed of around 85kph.

“Nearly all larger powered UTVs are very poor at running well at continual low speed. However, the 750 provides full engine braking right down to idle, which is an absolute necessity in steep country. It does this even though it’s usually avoided in larger engines due to the difficulty in reliably matching CVT transmissions. Obviously, some people solve this problem by driving down a steep slope using both accelerator and brake simultaneously. Clearly this is not a safe practice and is just a dangerous workaround most users of V-twins and diesels are forced to contend with.

“The low-down torque of a diesel is often seen as advantageous, but the responsive 750 EFI petrol engine will easily outperform an 800cc diesel in steep country (and without placing excess strain on the transmission) while leaving the diesel in its dust in open country. It will also get up and go in boggy country while the diesel is still getting the revs up.”

While the standard Hisun 750 might be adequate for some hunters, the optional extras that transform it into the Shooter MOBEEL could save a lot of time, energy and hassle. Geoff has designed the Shooter MOBEEL after years of working with farmers and hunters and seeing the issues they need addressed.

“If you want to get it all sorted out in one go and not have to mess around with adding extras later then the Shooter MOBEEL is for you. It’s all ready to go when you pick it up,” says Geoff. “Besides a trophy, there’s nothing more a hunter could want.”

To sit behind the wheel of your own Shooter MOBEEL or to find out more information about it, contact Geoff Lark on 0428 974 557. He will help you out or put you in touch with a local dealer. Geoff will also be at the 2018 SSAA SHOT Expo in Sydney as well as several other industry shows all across Australia. 

Equipment with the standard Hisun 750 Complete extras for Shooter MOBEEL
Power steering  Rifle rest padded shooting bar
3500lb electric winch Angled backrest for added comfort
Heavy-duty nudge bar Concealed and protected lighting wiring
Roomy cab Kolpin floor mounted adjustable dual gun rack
Tilt tray  Steel flat bed tray with drop sides
Bench seat Tailgate loader fitted to steel tray
Foot operated disc park brake Donaldson air filtration system and element gauge
Head restraints Lay-down/latch-down windscreen with support bar
Hard-top roof  Adjustable front mounted 20” 210-watt LED light bar
Engine monitoring Dual rear high mounted LED work/reversing lights
Rollover protection Independently wired illuminated lighting switches
Two-piece windscreen Separate LED white and yellow interior lights
Tow bar with ball  
12-volt outlet  
Foot safety bollard  
Conditional rego equipped  
Metal CV protectors  
Fold-in mirrors  
All-wheel disc brakes  
Backlit instruments  
Superior suspension  
Seatbelts and doors  
Hip retaining safety bollard  
Odometer   trip, engine hours, and clock  
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