The Australian Greens

Mouthpiece of the anti-firearms lobby

Fundamental, ideological hatred for civilian firearms ownership and recreational hunting is the only conclusion we can draw from public statements made by the Australian Greens. In the spirit of fairness and allowing every political party to put their stance forward in their own words, the SSAA made a dozen attempts to allow the Greens to share their policies on firearms, hunting and the shooting sports with the entire firearms community, all of which went unanswered just as they did in the 2016 election.

Nor does the national branch of the Greens have a public, published firearms policy. However their statements, speeches and actions at both national and state level over the past three years have been very consistent and speak volumes.

Once upon a time the shooting community, especially the proud conservationists among us, may have found some common ground with the Greens. Unfortunately, over time the party has become more radical, adamant in their moral superiority and unwilling to listen to anything which challenges their preconceived ideas.  “We do not recognise at all” the contribution made to the economy and environment by recreational and sporting shooters, says it all.

Statements made and positions taken by the Greens have been literally indistinguishable from those pushed by the anti-firearms lobby, to the point where it’s clear they are in lockstep. They have repeatedly and consistently said Australia’s firearms laws are being ‘watered down’, pushing a debunked Gun Control Australia report that there have been “more than 50 breaches of the National Firearm Agreement across Australian states and territories” – even using their influence in the Senate to pass a motion enshrining that false claim in our Parliamentary records.

They have been clear that they wish to see onerous and draconian restrictions on shooters and firearms, being explicit that they believe “the availability of firearms contributes to violence in our society” – all evidence notwithstanding. In their eyes, firearms owners are irresponsible children “entertaining militaristic fantasies”.

Mass shooting incidents in the US have been cited as reasons to increase firearms regulation in Australia. It’s all dogma, no data. Nor do they believe that organisations such as the SSAA, a membership-based body which directly represents its almost 200,000 members and indirectly stands up for Australia’s near one million legal firearm users, should have any role in our society.

According to the Greens we are “reprehensible” and it’s “important for the corrupting influence of the gun lobby to be eliminated from our democracy urgently”. The voice of firearms owners should be shunned and ignored by all political parties and should we dare to financially support those politicians who have given shooters a fair hearing, that “shouldn’t just alarm us, it should terrify us all”.

So since they don’t trust us, we cannot trust them. Our advice is to put the Greens last on your ballot paper and be vigilant of any preference deals done come election day.

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