Swazi Ali-Gaiters offer complete protection in the bush

Trailblazing New Zealand clothing company Swazi Apparel has perfected a new line for its outdoor clothing range known as Ali-Gaiters. Swazi Ali-Gaiters are among the most robust gaiters on the market. They are ideal for trooping though wet or snow-covered terrain and on drier surfaces will provide complete protection against such hazards as harsh bushland undergrowth or potentially fatal wildlife interlopers such as snakes.

The checklist for the Ali-Gaiters is impressive. They are kevlar-impregnated with a stretch gusset for calf comfort. An elasticated hook is combined with loop fastening, while a lace hook prevents snow from permeating into the wearer’s lower leg area. Steel cable boot ties ensure long life for the boots, which are 40cm in height and colored black.

Swazi is based in Levin on New Zealand’s North Island and claims that it creates “the world’s most durable outdoor clothing.” The man behind the unique enterprise is Swazi founder and outdoor enthusiastic Davey Hughes. The worldwide exploits of Davey have made him an iconic figure among his contemporaries and he knows what he is talking about.

Davey was happy to expound about the champion qualities of Swazi’s latest offering. “It always amazed me how the majority of snow gaiters were big, wide and cumbersome – like bulldozers for the snow,” he said. “The Swazi Ali-Gaiters are snug fitting, so you actually cut through the snow. At the end of the day that makes a huge difference to your level of fatigue. As your calf muscles expand and contract so too does the kevlar-impregnated stretch polyester of the gaiter. You won’t even notice you’re wearing gaiters…We’ve made our boot ties from steel cable – so no more broken gaiter ties after one trip.” Such thoughtful design far surpasses the plastic or elastic equivalents found on many rival models. Swazi Ali-Gaiters also dry extremely quickly and roll up to a small ball the size of your fist.

Davey’s CV as a hunter and adventurer has seen him on the trail of caribou in the Arctic Circle, grizzly bears in Alaska and buffaloes in Tanzania. He is a committed conservationist and is always willing to spin a yarn. Davey sees his Swazi brand as another vehicle in helping more kids into back-country excursions, enjoying the roughing-it adventures that kick-started his whirlwind life.

The Swazi pledge is to continue to produce innovative and practical clothing, hand in hand with an assurance to make the voice of the outdoors heard by promoting adventure, hunting and a sense of responsibility among young people. The Ali-Gaiters, which retail for around $139.60 ($NZ149.99), certainly highlight the excellence of Swazi products.

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