Support our NFA efforts and contact your local member today

Law-abiding firearm owners are being urged to speak out against the recently updated National Firearms Agreement (NFA) after the review process missed a vital opportunity to correct some of the original documents’ unintended consequences. The Federal Government released the new, rushed NFA under the cover of darkness and ignored the evidence presented by the SSAA and other likeminded groups.

The SSAA and its dedicated SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department has worked tirelessly on this issue since the review began more than 18 months ago. The review was meant to cut red tape and address issues within the 20-year-old paper. Instead, both major parties appear to be letting responsible shooters down. Therefore, we are calling on our members to support our efforts and voice concerns about the new document directly to both state and federal representatives.

Politicians continue to tell us that they have received very little feedback from their constituents about the NFA. This means they are less likely to act or oppose any changes. While SSAA National and the state and territory SSAA branches continue to lobby the relevant governments and ministers, it is vital that other politicians are also aware of our concerns.

To assist in your communications, we have created a dedicated Member Action page on our website, which includes tips on how to write a letter, how to find out who your local member is both state and federally, along with the correct terminology to use. Remember to be polite and courteous, but firm in your concerns about how the NFA review has been handled. Our statement outlines key concerns, along with the stuff-up relating to handguns.

With more than 830 elected representatives across the state and federal level, it is vital that we, the one million licensed firearm owners who are supported by our family and friends, unite and speak out against the new NFA. Together, we can make a difference.

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