Stolen firearms: can you help?

In early November a SSAA member in Queensland had a number of firearms stolen from his property. Below we have included a list of the stolen firearms with serial numbers and descriptions from the member.

If you know or come across any information about these firearms please contact the police on: (07) 3364 3164.


The stolen firearms:

1. Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum 6″ SS mod.66-1. Serial number: 67k4650

2. Beretta 92fs silver 9mm with four mags in Uncle Mike pouches marked QMRC 1000. Serial number: M80730Z

3. Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62X54R. No bolt, but it has a PU scope base on it and canvas stock sling. Serial number: 9130351822

4. Remington 700 .223 26″ 6 profile barrel S/S. No bolt or mags, but has a Kahles i624 X 50 scope laminate thumb stock harris bi pod. Serial number: 123576

5. ERA P14 .303. Has no bolt or rear sight but a P/H mounting block with a service rifle sling. Serial number: 368230

6.Winchester John Wayne commemorative 32/40. Stock is non-genuine slightly undersized and chipped on medallion edges. Serial number: JW23473.

7.Lee Enfield BSA No.5 Mk1 .303. No bolt with service rifle sling. Serial number: 2116442.

8. Mossberg Model 802 .22 with Phoenix scope 4X32 no bolt. Serial number: hmc3674412.

9. Winchester Russian Contract M1895 7.63X54R with service sling and homemade quick release swivel. Serial number: 341625.

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