States not ‘watering down’ laws after all

For those members who haven’t waded through Gun Control Australia’s ‘The sky is falling’ 100-page plus opinion piece on the state of firearm laws in this country, don’t worry, the SSAA Legislative Action team has saved you the time.

Despite much of the report claiming the states are ‘watering down’ the gun laws, we found a couple of sentences hidden in the document that appear to contradict the fear-mongering claims.

It states:

It is important to reiterate that current legislation in most States and Territories complies with most NFA resolutions. As is true of any form of firearm regulation, the examples above apply only in limited circumstances.

Gun Control Australia enlisted anti-firearms author Philip Alpers to write the report. The report was highly opinion based and riddled with errors. To have any academic credibility, reports must be peer reviewed – this one of course wasn’t, with one academic in the university research field claiming the report was ‘insulting’.

Have a look at our take on the report.

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