SSAA’s safety focus highlighted in The Australian’s target on guns coverage

Supervision and safety measures while shooting are key parts of how Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) state and territory clubs welcome visitors to try our sport.

Unfortunate incidents resulting in injury and death have occurred in Australia at shooting ranges that recently drew the attention of The Australian newspaper in its ‘Target on Guns’ series.

SSAA Inc Media and Politics Officer Rachael Oxborrow spoke to The Australian as a part of this coverage and highlighted the measures put in place on ranges for the safety of all.

While not all stories can be positive, it is important for our community to form a part of the commentary and contribute our viewpoint.

SSAA Inc always aims to represent the SSAA state and territory members in conversations such as this when it can be beneficial to join the discussion and tell our side of the story.

Read the story with The Australian now.

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