SSAA Wodonga welcomes biathletes

Biathletes now have access to an upgraded biathlon facility at the Wodonga SSAA’s range which opened earlier last month.

Beginning back in March 2016 when the project was funded, countless man hours have gone into the project and the range has already held a successful event which occurred shortly after the grand opening on June 2.

Biathletes generally only have small windows of opportunity when they can truly practise their sport in Australia, but this new range will allow them to prepare for competition even if it isn’t always technically on snow.

While biathlons may not be a household sport in Australia, they have a huge following in Europe where Australia has some pretty promising junior biathletes coming through the ranks.

“[The Wodonga range] will provide greater accessibility in a regional area for children, lower socio-economic community groups and disabled and abled members of the community to be active and develop skills in an Olympic winter sport,” said Telemark Nordic Ski Club’s Paul Cullen.

The range development which will also be used for wheelchair events was made possible thanks to teamwork between the Telemark Nordic Ski Club, the Wodonga Branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, SSAA Victoria and the Australian Biathlon Association. Additional financial support has been provided by the Victorian Government shooting sports facilities program and the Wodonga City Council.

The official opening was held at Wodonga Sporting Shooters Association Australia on Klings Road, Wodonga. Among those attending from SSAA Victoria were President Denis Moroney, Facilities Manager Shaun Doyle, Director Marion Barnes and SSAA Wodonga Branch President Josh Knight.

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