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The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) is Australia’s largest and leading sports shooting body. Established in 1948 to promote sport shooting and recreational hunting, the SSAA also lobbies to ensure laws do not negatively affect legitimate firearm owners. We provide a variety of member services.

Clubs & competitions

The SSAA has about 440 clubs and ranges throughout Australia. We cater for target shooters and hunters who may want to sight-in their firearms at one of our many ranges. Our clubs also offer many different types of rifle, shotgun and handgun shooting competitions (also known as disciplines), whether you are a weekend club shooter or are aspiring to be a serious national or international competitor.

Magazines & more

The Australian Shooter magazine is the pride of the Association and is mailed as a bonus to our members 11 times per year, saving them almost $100 each year on the newsagency price.

Our other publications cover topics such as hunting, a how-to guide to shooting and hunting, handguns, politics, state updates, something for teenagers and even a handful of cookbooks.

In the digital age, we have a variety of websites, e-newsletters and social media. We also have our own SSAA TV channel on YouTube featuring how-to videos on competitions, hunting, butchering, firearm maintenance and more.

SSAA Gun Sales

SSAA Gun Sales is an online service for SSAA members, dealers and the Australian shooting and hunting community, including firearm owners, collectors and enthusiasts. Designed to be Australia’s most comprehensive firearms and accessories trading website, it has heavily discounted listing fees for members and is safe, secure, legal and easy to use.


SSAA members can also sign up free of charge to the SSAA Farmer Assist program, which connects members with farmers who require wildlife culling to maintain their property. The program is run online and requires members to undertake accuracy accreditation to be eligible.

Many states run dedicated hunting programs often called SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management. Members can learn four-wheel drive, GPS and other outdoor skills that will enable them to be better hunters while helping preserve Australia’s environmental balance.

Across Australia there are a variety of hunting-specific courses and clubs available to all members that will introduce you to game stalking, butchering and, of course, firearm safety in the field. Whether hunting rabbits, ducks, foxes, pigs or trophy deer, the SSAA can point you in the right direction.

Membership services

Our members are the SSAA and we have a dedicated team of professionals available to ensure you get the most out of your membership. Our goal is to reach 200,000 members by 2020. We can only do that by satisfying our stakeholders, supporting our dedicated volunteers and continuing to expand and improve our services. Recently introduced benefits include our extremely affordable firearms insurance and discounted online firearms trading through our SSAA Gun Sales.

SSAA Store

We wear our logo proudly and we encourage our members to do the same. Our SSAA Store features many items for sale including clothing, camping gear and firearms accessories. You will also find the SSAA’s mascot, Trigga the Koala. This Australian icon helps explain to our local and international friends alike the conservation role that hunting and the SSAA play in protecting our distinctive Australian environment and wildlife.

Lobbying & SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA)

The SSAA lobbies all arms of government including local, state and federal. The SSAA can often be found consulting with firearms registries, state parliamentarians and also at the table in Federal Parliament negotiating to protect members’ chosen recreations and pastimes. Through our SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department, we specifically praise and publicise lawmakers and commentators who support us, while exposing the ignorance of those who wish to damage our sport. On the international front, we have Non-Government Organisation status within the United Nations and regularly participate in international forums. You can follow our political activities in our variety of magazines, websites, social media and E-newsletters.


Each year, we host at least one large, professional shooting and outdoors expo showcasing the best products and services available in the Australian market. The SSAA SHOT Expos can attract more than 15,000 people during a weekend looking for the perfect firearm, scope, knife or accessories to add to their kit. Previously held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, upcoming expos are advertised throughout our magazines, websites and social media.

Youth development & firearm safety education

The SSAA conducts regular safety classes and practical instruction on firearm safety. The Association works closely with the firearms industry in the promotion of responsible firearms handling among junior shooters across Australia. You can sponsor a junior’s membership and help set them on the right path to responsible firearm ownership and to the enjoyment that comes with being a sporting shooter.

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